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TV Advertising

TV ads provide a multi-sensory ad experience. Viewers hear, see, and read your advertisement, meaning they digest the information (and the feelings it provokes) in many different ways.

TV ads have a wide reach. TV as a medium also has deep penetration. These terms basically mean lots of people see TV ads, but we explain reach and penetration in the following section. They are impact-full. They reach your audience when they’re attentive and focused. TV ads allow your brand to establish a brand identity and expand your brand awareness. They give you a chance to be creative and attach a personality to your company or product. We deal with all major National and regional TV channels you can choose based on Language, geography and specific time and duration.

Radio Advertising

Advertising works with frequency and reaching your audience repeatedly. Radio is the perfect medium for this, being able to expose your ad to the audience repeatedly to build awareness. Also due to the loyalty of people listening to the same station, you are able to impact the same people more often. Compared to written advertisement, sound is more effectively stored in memory. In addition, there is the ability to instill emotion and also allows listeners to use their imagination to create their own image of the product/service.

Radio advertising have significantly less costs compared to other types of media. Television and print ads can go up to hundreds of thousands including costs for video equipment, studio time, actors, models. Radios ads require less resources while being able to reach the same target audience that a television spot would of resulted in.

Hoardings Advertising

It is huge and eye catching for very customer. Hording advertising is placed major thoroughfares and highways, thus, increasing the possibilities of being seen by a great number of people all throughout the day. This advertising medium is effective in catching the attention of the target audience.

Hording can be placed in areas chosen by advertisers specific geography, high traffic area, etc , it will be easier for you to reach a particular or specific consumer group . Hording can be positioned along the route where prospective consumers drive by or pass by regularly, like in highways, city roads, Traffic signals etc.


Road Medians Advertising

Outdoor Advertising is a real challenge as it requires a perfect advertising tool such as . Road Center Medians/Pole Kiosks are high-frequency outdoor advertising structures, typically found in high traffic areas alongside busy roads. These advertisement tools offer normal advertisements to the majority of people who used the roads to travel within the city. The Electric poles Kiosks are installed with metal poles and frames. Road Center Medians/Pole Kiosks are a powerful tool for advertising in the present scenario. 

Metro Advertising

The Metro framework or Metro Branding is the most dominant approach to contact mass audience, including the working class, i.e the earning class of the society, students and the usual travelers. This opens up your brand to the most enthralled and captivated audience, thereby spreading your message crosswise over many target audience.

As Metros are mostly crowded with working class people, who have an immense following on social media, it also favours your brand greatly, and aids in growing outreach.  

The most delightful piece of Metro Advertising, that makes Metro score over other OOH is  that, people here have somewhere around 20 to 40 minutes of dead time in their hand. By dead time, we imply that the commuters are compelled to look at a message in the Metro Train or at a Station, offering an enraptured and captive group of audience for a more drawn out span.


Bus Advertising

In a week a bus can travel hundreds of miles; the equivalent of driving from Lands End to John O’ Groats. Not just that, but they do this every week of the year! The scale is phenomenal.

Just imagine how many people are in their cars behind a bus, stood on the street looking at a bus, or sat on the bus itself, right now, reading advertisements. Thousands? Hundreds of thousands?

Bus adverts are an effective way to reach a local audience through constantly reminding them of your business. 

Bus advertisements can be promoting local companies or they can be rolled out as part of a national campaign. Using buses give national adverts a local context to better improve brand engagement.


Auto Advertising

What else could be the most ideal approach to advertise your business than placing it at every km of the city? Indeed, Auto-Rickshaw gives you such medium to promote your business everywhere throughout the city. It is the best medium to traverse each km of the city. You can achieve more audience through this little size however big explosion medium, that easily reaches to every road and street of the city. Mouthshut and Tally were among the first tech Brands to utilize this medium adequately to build their presence in the offline world

Van Advertising

Mobile Van Advertising in India, command a lot of attention. A well designed Mobile Van Advert wrap can turn a customary vehicle, be it a Van or Truck, into a year round Advertising machine. Mobile Van Branding offer the best value for your money when promoting your business, product, service or launching an event. Imagine an attractive Mobile Van moving around the city, with an eye-getting Advert Billboard. It is likely to catch every eye on the road. The Advert gets all the consideration it deserves. If you’re looking for the most versatile option for your marketing money, Advertisement on Mobile Van has proven to have the least cost per-impression, as compared to any other type of Advertising.

Magazine Advertising

Many magazines are well-respected among their target audience, so, when you advertise in such a reputable magazine, people can become familiar with your company and a level of trust is elevated. This recognition is then reinforced when they meet you in person, either at your place of business or at a local trade show or charity event. This not only builds brand recognition but, in time, brand loyalty. Advertisers can greatly benefit from this credibility when their ads are viewed not as ads but as recommendations from a trusted source.

Bus Shelter Advertising

Advertising at bus stops is a great way to target a local audience. There is no uncertainty about geographically targeting specific groups; you know that everyone who sees a bus stop ad lives, works, or commutes in the immediate area. As a bonus, bus stop ads are easy to customise for different regions to make them more relevant.

Properly-placed bus stop adverts will be able to capture attention from passing traffic. The real value they deliver is in reaching the captive audience using the bus stop, though. Because viewers will usually have plenty of time to examine these ads in depth, it’s the perfect medium for delivering a detailed, information-rich message that wouldn’t work in OOH ads.

Theater Advertising

Given a movie, it is easy to profile the audience that it attracts. Kids movies, Marvel movies, Family, Crime and Thriller, Comedy — each has a set of audience and hence a smart marketer shall choose the best movies that suits his/her customer profile. As an example, a real estate company can target his campaign to coincide with a blockbuster release to ensure higher visibility of his campaign. A luxury car company can advertise with an Iron Man or Fast and Furious franchise. Picked well, each campaign matched with the audience can deliver 10X impact and top of mind recall.

Most important Theater Ads are all time cheap multimedia advertising channel to target specific target group

Multiplex Advertising

The rate to advertise in Multiplex is one of the lowest among all other news channels in India. Its popularity in the Hindi belt makes advertising in Multiplex a critical part of any Television campaign. Multiplex advertising rate is available on the Media Option and Pricing tab of our website. These are the current ad rates and are updated weekly. Multiplex has popular programmes and TV anchors. Because of this, the engagement of viewers is very high with the channel. 

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